Services Offered and Pricing

Reiki Sessions

one hour session- $60

This is approximately 50 minutes of Reiki with additional time allowed at end of session to discuss questions or any issues that may have come up for you during your session.


half hoursession- $30

This is approximately 20 minutes of Reiki with additional time allowed at end of session to discuss questions or any issues that may have come up for you during your session.

Chakra Reading with Pendulum- $15

I will use a pendulum to read your chakras. This will assist in determining where you have energy blockages. I will offer guidance on changes you can make to help open these chakras. 


Chakra Reading with Pendulum and Energy Balancing- $75

I will use a pendulum to read your chakras to determine where you have energy blockages.  You will then receive a Reiki treatment.  After the Reiki session I will read your chakras again and discuss results with you offering guidance on changes to help keep your chakras open and energy flowing. Please allow approximately one hour fifteen minutes for this session.

Reiki Party-$225. and up 

This is done at your home with 5 friends. Each friend will receive a private 30 minute Reiki session. Additonal friends may be invited.  The hostess/host will receive a complimentary session.

Chakra Readings
Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings start at $5.00 for a one card reading and go up for a more indepth reading. I will be happy to explain the selection of readings to you. You do not have to come in to have an Angel Card reading done.  I am able to do a reading for you, and email you the reading.

Angel Card Readings Party  $125.00 and up

This is an intimate get together for a host/hostess, and five friends. This party is done in your home. Each friend will receive a private three card reading. Each friend pays $25.oo for their reading and the host receives a complimentary reading. Up to an additional three people may be added at $25.00 per reading. Gain insight into quesitons in your life and receive divine guidance from your Angels. 

Spiritual Home Cleansings- $75 and up

Keep the energy in your home clean and flowing. I will do an energy cleansing on your home to help get rid of negative energy and fill it with clean, positive energy. Spiritual cleansings are good to do after a major illness or death, when moving into a new home, or after a divorce.  I 'd be happy to discuss details with you and answer any questions you may have about this type of cleansing.


Pastoral Counseling- $40 one hour session

Do you need someone to listen and offer guidance on some issues going on with you in your life? I am certified by the Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training, and would be honored to help guide you.  You do not have to be a specific religion to benefit from this guidance. All are welcome!



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