*I've seen JoAnn several times for Reiki, and it's been such a nice experience. She has a very calming effect, and I feel so much better after going there.        Julie H.

* I went to see JoAnn for an angel card reading, and loved it. The message was just what I needed to hear, and helped me with a problem I was having. I booked a Reiki session, and loved that also! My schedule is demanding and involves a lot of travel, but I hope to get back there again!    Katelyn R.

*So relaxing and energizing all at the same time! JoAnn has a special gift!    Lisa B

*The space that JoAnn has is so lovely! I look forward to being able to go for Reiki. It has helped me feel better in so many ways!    Donna T.

*I recieved a gift card for an angel reading from my friend as a birthday gift. I never had one before, and was interested to see what my angels wanted me to know. I've been working hard trying to get past some problems and felt I was stuck. I did not say anything about this to JoAnn before my reading, but the messages I did get addressed the questions I had in my heart and helped me to know I was working in the right direction.  Jess T

* I have had several Reiki sessions in the past and they have always cleared out the negative energy that was building inside. I was working on thinking and living more positive and needed a Reiki session to help balance me and clear out what needed to be gone, and was so glad to have found JoAnn.  Her session was one of the best I have ever had.  Within a few minutes of her working on me I felt light and connected to a comforting, loving energy flow.  It is hard to put these kinds of experiences into words, and the best I can say is Wonderful! I will go back to JoAnn again and would recommend her to anyone interested in a Reiki session. You will be in good hands.     Jess T

*You've  a gift for pulling the Universe's energy to you and imparting it into others.  You by far are the best practitioner of Reiki  I've  ever known. Those who are fortunate enough to experience your talent surely will agree.  Lisa H

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